IT Services In DFW

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You’ll notice right off the bat our Technagy Service Quadrant. In a nut shell that is all of our over-arching services and how they work together to provide a robust IT solution for our clients.

Managed IT Services

For our Managed IT Services, we’ve taken all the complex IT best practices and tailored 4 key services that create a unique and results oriented IT process that ensures you’re moving in the right direction. These 4 quadrants make up our 4 key services that every client gets in our flat rate pricing model.

IT Management today is no longer just about having a helpdesk to call. Small businesses feel the pressure on multiple fronts: Cyber Security, Backups, Strategy around IT.  It’s about the complete package around being proactive rather than being reactive. These services focus on monitoring, technology strategy, proactive management and helpdesk to ensure you have the peace of mind around the critical parts of your data and company and that you have the freedom to focus on what you do best.

Professional Services

We’ve also invested heavily in our Professional Services teams. For our Managed IT clients, our Professional Services act as a net that can handle all out of scope one-time projects that require specialized expertise to configure, implement, test & support.

Also, our Professional Services teams solve complex IT challenges from low voltage cabling to Network Design & Build services. All tailored to cover a wide range of Industry IT Service needs.

The Whole Picture In Mind

The methodology around our services focus on three critical component. These 3 points hold all of our services to account and how our team manages your IT needs. These 3 components are:

  • Strategy
  • Infrastructure
  • Support

It’s these three IT focuses that you see in our services quadrant that really produce a tight servicestack to cover all aspects of your organization as well as the blind spots that you may not be aware of. Whether you’re a Managed IT Client or utilizing us for a one-time project with our Professional Services, you can be confident knowing that we have the expertise you need to tackle any challenge.

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