Our Promise

When working with Technagy, we want our clients to know what our priorities are right out of the gate. We’ve created our company promise as a compass for our staff to govern the way they should think and work to resolve technology challenges and provide the best possible customer experience.

Our company promise is out in the open for you; we’ve laid out below what we feel are promises that if executed correctly can create an excellent customer experience. And it’s also something for you to keep us accountable to. Who does that…Right!?


The effectiveness of any IT company is delivering results. Those results need to be steered towards the goals for the organization.One of our core values “Fanatical About Process” is what produces results, and we’ve learned that the right talent, a winning culture and an extreme customer focus with a disciplined execution, will produce business excellence. Here’s what you can expect from us.

Response Time Goal:
Our promise is to respond to all tickets submitted to our team within 30 minutes or less.

Resolution Time Goal:
Our goal is to solve all tickets within 30 minutes or less from the moment one of our technicians takes on the task.

First Contact Resolution Goal:
The holy grail of goals. Our goal is to solve 75% of all tickets submitted the first time you reach out to us, increasing your productivity.

Customer Satisfaction Goal:
And last but not least, we measure customer satisfaction in different ways from referrals, testimonials and also customer satisfaction surveys. Our goal at Technagy is 100% customer satisfaction.



The success we’ve had comes from a relentless passion to take care of our clients, freeing them up to do what they do best – hence “empowering freedom”. We know from experience that unexpected issues and challenges will come. But what we’ve also learned is that customers expect, and most importantly they want, an IT vendor that’s available when they need you most. A great experience builds trust.

Continuous Improvement Focus:
Whenever an issue arises, we promise to reflect on any shortcomings and implement strategies and policies to ensure an incredibility high satisfaction. We often hear all the good we do, but we encourage our clients to voice their concerns and frustrations.

Respect & Dignity:
We promise to treat our employees, clients, vendors & community with the utmost respect & dignity. Our core value to strengthen and inspire everyone comes from a desire to see the best in people, and hope the best in people too.

Finish Strong:
We promise to finish projects with just as much passion and excellence as we had at the beginning. It’s easy to start project and new relationships with excitement. But to continue and finish strong is a choice. And we’re committed to that!

Expertise You Can Count On:
We promise to always be obsessed with technology, that’s why we’ve made this one of our core values. We promise to keep up with IT industry changes and innovations so that you can lean on us when you need us most. And free you up to conquer the world!


When our clients allow us to manage or support their customer data and privacy, it’s hands down the best example of trust. And we don’t take that lightly. You can count on us to put in every pre-caution and process in place to protect your company.

Our Privacy Promise

Technagy WILL:

  1. Store your information in a safe and secure environment, and ensure that only appropriate staff can access it.
  2. Let you know if there are changes to the way the information is handled.
  3. Have in place a process to allow you to amend the information you submit.

Technagy will NOT:

  1. Sell your personal information, or release it to third parties, without notifying you.
  2. Use your information to send you marketing and other materials without your permission.
  3. Disclose your information publicly, without your express permission.

Drug Testing & Background Checks
To ensure we have the most trustworthy field tech’s, Technagy commits to do random drug screening and conduct criminal background checks for every technician to make sure you have peace of mind in your business.


We also promise to keep you protected in the event something unexpected happens on our end.

We maintain the following policies:

  • $1,000,000 Professional Liability Insurance Policy
  • $1,000,000 Cyber Breach Notification Coverage
  • $1,000,000 Intellectual Property Insurance
  • $1,000,000 Fidelity Bond protecting you from any Technagy employee theft.