Our IT Firm’s Philosophy

At Technagy, we wanted to create this page to share about our way of thinking around what we do. About IT and our view around business relationships to give you the information to make the best decision. We often tell our prospects, we may be a good fit or not, and that’ okay. What’s important is that you have all the information to make the best decision.

Over the years we’ve learned that Customer Experience and Results govern the satisfaction of our clients. Not feel good messaging, but real results established with strong data around industry best practices. When it comes to delivering the best possible experience for our clients, we’ve established 4 foundations that govern how we progress our clients.

We’ve learned and seen in the industry time and time again that when a client is struggling with their IT or disgruntled with their current or past IT provider, it’s typically due with the type of business relationship and/or methodology that the IT company governs themselves by. We can tell you without hesitation that our clients know what’s most important to us and where we’re going to take every client and in what order. They know that we have the best interest to make you very successful around IT and leveraging technology to increase profits, and make you the most productive and efficient.

Foundation 1: IT Leadership

We believe that when you hire an IT firm to service your company it’s much more than servicing tickets. Taking a company from where they are to where they need to be has everything to do with the right technology leadership. We believe this relationship is at the foundation of every successful IT infrastructure & IT partnership.

We believe this relationship should not be based strictly on our plan and leadership, but real results as well. Technology leadership is not just IT support. It is the right technology services coupled with the right team overseeing those technologies that help move you in the right direction.

Foundation 2: The Right Infrastructure

The next foundation is the right equipment to ensure your business is secure and scalable. With many great technologies available, you need to ensure you have the best technology solutions that can grow with your company. That’s why at Technagy, we’ve standardized our stack to key partners and technologies that have been proven to be the most reliable, cost effective, and give you the greatest return on your investment.

We massively train our team to support the technology we install. Because our technology stack is standardized, you’re getting the best support. Due to our effective support, we are able to address your technology challenges the fastest. We not only support your technology products, we heavily invest in our people to learn and be the best they can be for you.

Foundation 3: A Proven IT Management Process

Today, IT support in a break-then-fix model is proven to cost substantially more than maintaining your networks regularly. IT support takes on two forms: Reactive & Proactive

IT Support today is not only about how quickly you can fix something that goes down. More important it’s about having an IT team that manages your IT infrastructure in a proactive way that keeps you up and running. Issues and errors should be patched behind the scenes; IT administrators should be regularly checking critical pieces of your infrastructure and a small business owner should be able to ask their IT company for data that proves those tasks were completed.

At Technagy we’ve developed a unique IT management process where you have both proactive monitoring/maintenance as well as a reactive help desk to tackle staff challenges with all the reporting and accountability that we would expect if we were in your shoes.

Foundation 4: IT Flow

If you’re not being shown how your IT support has impacted your business through real company data, or what has been the ROI (return on investment) of technology investments, then you haven’t tasted what it feels like to reach IT Flow.

We can agree that as a business owner, making sure you’re always in the know of your company data is one of the most necessary attributes to leading your IT strategy effectively. Good data and knowing your company is moving forward is the largest contributor to peace of mind, freedom, security and company strength around IT. IT Flow is where we take every company, and it starts with the right technology leadership.

These 4 foundations have proven over time that they cannot be separate and they work together to bring a synergy for our clients. Our IT Philosophy is not only about how we perform our service, but also what our clients gain from the partnership.

For Us, It’s About Your Freedom

It all comes back to Empowering Freedom for our clients. If you haven’t watched our video about Empowering Freedom, click here.

When you choose to do business with us, you don’t only get the benefits of a well-managed IT Infrastructure, but you gain so much more. This is where our IT Philosophy leads to day in and day out.

More Productive Employees:

When your infrastructure is running smoothly because of our assistance, your employees will be more productive in their day-to-day work. Aggregate that across all employees, you can be saving lots on payroll due to less IT issues.

Better Morale:

When you operate smoothly and ensure data is secure and processes are handled the way they should, it leads to a chaos free environment which leads to happier employees.

Increased Functionality:

When you implement proven technology, you will find yourself surprised at how much functionality your business can gain creating a great return on investment.

Reduced Risk:

You can be confident that your data and your customer’s data is secure. This risk is mitigated through properly managed IT services.

Enhanced Security:

You can rest well every night knowing your secure with our team and our advanced approaches to technology security.

More Competitive:

You will have a competitive edge over competition in your industry when you take the lead in technology solutions that are meaningful for your business.

Lower Overall Technology Cost:

Due to using preventative approaches versus reactive approaches, we will help you cut down on technology costs. No longer will you have to spend countless dollars on reacting to failures, you can invest in other parts of your business.

Better Profit Margins:

What company doesn’t want to increase their profit margins? When you cut down on reactive costs, find the best solutions at the lowest costs, and keep your data secure. You will actually increase your company’s profit margin. Talk to us about the ROI we can provide through our managed IT services.

Better Work/Life Balance:

You are busy running a business. You simply do not have time to manage all the complexities of your IT needs. You’ll get back your work/life balance when we take over the details of your IT infrastructure.

Peace Of Mind:

Breathe easy knowing that you can juggle one less ball in your business. We will take over your IT needs and keep your business operating smoothly, freeing you up to do what you do best.

Ultimate Freedom:

Our goal at Technagy is to empower small businesses with freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom from risks. Freedom to succeed.

Thanks for checking out our IT Philosophy page. Schedule a call with one of us. Partner with an IT company who values your freedom!