IT Help Desk

Making Sure Business Is Moving Forward

When you think about most IT companies that are focused on small business, IT Help Desk services is often their primary service if not the only one. Here at Technagy, our IT Help Desk Services are part of an ecosystem and process that’s designed to increase efficiency for our clients. In essence, IT Help Desk Services is a reactive service right? And although you can never eliminate 100% of all IT Issues, how your IT is being managed correlates with how much this service is being utilized.

What You Should Expect:

For us, we believe that if we do a great job, then your reactive tickets will be less. Even though we staff up with great IT service technicians, our goal is to make sure your company utilizes this service the least. This is done by our clients utilizing our complete service stack moving you to proactive IT environment. And since we don’t charge by the hour, or nickel and dime you since we’re a flat rate all you can eat company with our services, we have an incentive to make sure you’re running smoothly.

Our IT Help Desk services are as follows:

  • A 24/7, 365 US Based IT Help Desk Team
  • Ticket Tracking & Reporting
  • Vendor Management
  • Remote IT Support
  • Onsite IT Support
  • Access to IT How-To’s & Tips
  • And More…

Less reactive tickets tells us that we’re doing our job right and driving great results for our clients. In flat rate pricing, the better we do our job for you often correlates with less reactive tickets. That’s a true win win and the kind of Integrity in pricing and service that we’re all about!


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