Why Should A Small Business Outsource IT Support?


An alert pops into your inbox with an incomplete message about an IT problem that you could likely fix if you understood the ticket itself.


Before you even finished the response to your first ticket, another alert pops in detailing a different tech problem in the office.




It is never ending.

Managing an IT help desk is not an easy job. There’s rarely any time to plan your day because it constantly revolves around when people need your assistance, which makes it exceptionally difficult if you’re managing IT on top of other job responsibilities.

This is often the case for small business owners in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area. In an attempt to build a successful business, owners recognize the need for a strong digital presence to be available online and connected at every level. Whether this means managing the details of a website or creating a streamlined internal server to keep employees connected for collaboration, IT support can be a full time position (or department) in itself.

In an effort to be efficient and resourceful, many business owners or trusted employees are asked to wear multiple hats and manage aspects of the business that may be initially out of their comfort zone. While we believe this could be great for building well-rounded and hardworking employees, we do not think it is what’s best for your business. Why stretch yourselves so thin trying to manage and master aspects of business that are far beyond your expertise? Why not outsource these “extra hats” to professionals who can get the job done at a higher level?

Outsourced IT Support Means More Time To Focus On Your Business
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Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Support with Technagy

Streamlined Ticket Tracking & Reporting

Instead of trying to manage IT tickets as they come in between your other daily tasks, you can rely on our IT company to set up an easy-to-use reporting system and ticket tracker. Employees can submit their ticket to the queue and stay updated with status reports as our team addresses their problem at hand. Plus, we do the actual IT support, too, so you never have to worry about another IT ping interrupting your day again.

Continuing Education

Something unique about Technagy as an outsourced IT company is we constantly strive to provide educational pieces to our clients. Whether it’s articles about how to combat common IT problems or tips to streamline your technology processes even more, you can count on Technagy to provide information to help your employees grow their skill set.

Remote & Onsite Support

Since we work solely with local businesses in DFW, we are able to offer both onsite and remote IT services to our clients.

Remote support is ideal for the quick-fix problems. When our team receives a ticket for something that can be handled over the server, we can quickly address the issue. This helps free up our resources because time is not wasted during travel, which means faster response time for your business.

Onsite support cannot be beat in other occasions. Sometimes an IT expert needs to have their eyes on the prize in order to provide best support. Therefore, our team can visit your business to provide that thorough service and fix the problem.

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