IT Support In Dallas

IT support isn’t something that is easily and effectively managed by every business. There are some who find it interesting and like to build out an internal IT team and others who would prefer to rely on third-party experts to work behind the scenes.Today, IT support is more than being a simple, go-to helpdesk. While that is an important feature of a support team, a truly developed team is more proactive about IT strategy and solutions to bigger issues or obstacles that can stand in the way of true company efficiency.

A true IT support team helps a business with:

  • 24/7, 365 Helpdesk Support: It’s essential to be available whenever a problem may strike. There’s no predicting when a hacker may infiltrate your digital walls or when a piece of equipment doesn’t function as necessary. Business can’t take a break, so IT support should be available all day, every day.
  • Ticket Tracking & Reporting: Effectively manage the issues your employees face day-to-day with an easy-to-use ticket system that helps track problems and organize the IT team to resolve them quickly and efficiently.
  • Vendor Management: Control costs, lessen risk, and increase the value of working with various vendors through a standard lifecycle that helps keep things organized and manageable.
  • Remote IT Support: A successful IT team is one that doesn’t always need to be physically present to fix an issue. Remote support allows the experts to connect to the problematic device and fix it from afar. This helps streamline efficiencies and save the IT team from running around all day.
  • Onsite IT Support: Similarly, there are some instances in which a problem needs a set of eyes and pair of hands directly on the job. A team of onsite support can be equally as beneficial as a remote setup.
  • Access to IT How-To’s & Tips: Educate your company on common IT problem-solving skills through helpful resources, such as white papers, blogs, emails, newsletters, and more.
  • More: The world of IT support is so big. There is always something more to support!

If you feel confident offering expertise in many of these areas, we applaud you! However, if you’re like most business owners around DFW, complete IT support is a constant struggle. Not only is the technology always changing, but the time and money it requires to manage full support can be exhausting.

Outsourcing IT Support

One thing that makes the United States great is our community collaboration. We’ve always relied on different members in society to be experts and help us succeed in areas we would naturally lack.

For example, Technagy was founded because two people had a passion for IT and wanted to help take the stress of successful IT management off the hands of other professionals. We began working with local DFW businesses who were exceptional at their line of work but needed some help with technology support. Likewise, as our business grew, we realized we needed experts to help us with accounting and HR. We successfully outsourced these areas of business so we could focus on helping others with IT, something about which we are quite passionate.

We invite other local business owners to do the same and rely on Technagy for all IT support needs.

Please contact us to learn more or take a tour of our services by clicking on the link below.