Welcome to Our IT Services Blog

Welcome to our IT services blog. We are excited to share this space with you. We will use this platform as a medium for passing along helpful tips, resources, and other IT support related items. At Technagy, we are passionate about ensuring small business owners have the tools they need to run their business effectively and smoothly. In our modern world, no business can run smoothly without the proper IT support. Not only is IT a necessity, it has become an increasingly complex system to navigate. More and more business owners are turning to outsourcing their IT services, and we understand why. Trying to handle all your own IT services is nearly impossible with the large array of items that need your attention. Often trying to manage your own IT services leads you to neglecting running your business properly. That is where our team comes into play.

We are here to handle all your IT needs so that you can focus on what matters: running your business. Whether you are seeking help with networking or you want to better ensure your customers’ data is safe, we are here to assist you.

Who We Are

At Technagy, we are an IT solutions company focused on helping small and medium sized businesses find the solutions they need. We understand that you need IT services that are both affordable and effective. We provide transparency in our work and we will ensure you know exactly what we are providing for you and how you will see a return on your investment in us.

Our company was founded in 2012. We’re a Dallas, Fort Worth based IT Firm servicing clients all over the DFW Metroplex. In the last five years we’ve provided clients with our unique process from all ranges. From start-ups, to decades old, even century old organizations, we have the IT solutions each unique business needs. No matter what size or age your organization is, the truth is, IT is always changing and becoming more and more a foundational focus of today’s connected businesses. We are obsessed with Technology. That’s why so many companies have come to depend on our expertise to free them up so they can focus on their core business – driving new business and serving their clients!

All our core services are flat rate, meaning you can depend on our intentions. If we do a good job for you, we’ll intake less issues which drives our profit. And if we don’t do a good job, the negative results can abound such as losing you as a client, damaging our reputation, eating into our profits and more. We believe that this brings Integrity into our partnerships with our clients.


Our Core Values

Our values are what drive us. When you partner with our team, you will learn to recognize our voice in every single thing we do. So what are those values that drive us?

  • Take Ownership: No matter what, we commit to taking ownership and we will run the ball on any issue that arises to ensure our clients, company and culture move forward. No passing the buck here.
  • Above & Beyond: It’s a mindset. We promise to take the time to ensure everything we do leads to the best standard of excellence and customer experience.
  • Strengthen & Inspire Everyone: We will invest in raising great leaders, strengthening and inspiring our employees, clients, and community to reach beyond themselves.
  • Obsessed with Technology: We commit to be Avant Guards of Technology. Continually learning, testing and leading the charge for ensuring that our clients and company is at the cutting edge of changes in the IT Industry.
  • Fanatical About Process: We will invest in processes and systems, and commit to the process to produce the best results and experience in the industry.

So are you ready to get started? Contact our team for more information about how we can help your business thrive. Remember to stay tuned to our blog so you can always stay up to date on the latest industry news. We look forward to leading you on the path to success.