Technagy: A Turnkey IT Company

About Our IT Company

Based in Dallas, our IT company serves the small, medium, and large businesses in the DFW metro area with turnkey solutions to everyday technology needs or issues.

First and foremost, Technagy believes in empowering freedom.

We are obsessed with technology. We promise to be on the cutting edge of the latest devices, services, and strategies. We pride ourselves on not being a typical IT company. We rely on our experience with the technology as well as our dedication to complete customer service so that a business owner can rely on Technagy for all IT support and service. We call ourselves a turnkey IT company because business owners can count on us to do it all, or they can be as involved as they desire. Every business is connected with an IT consultant who is a personal contact to manage everything you need from Technagy.

We want every client to be part of our Technagy family. We want to help every business owner empower their own freedom.

Empowering Freedom

It’s important to us to be the managed IT services on which your business can depend. When you outsource IT services to our company, you free up yourself to do what you’re good at. Plus, it gives us the opportunity to use our expertise and passion for technology to help better your business. When your business succeeds, it makes our greater community a better place to be!

Our Services

Businesses can depend on our IT firm for managed IT services: professional service for complex IT projects, IT strategy, foundational infrastructure, and complete support.

Professional Service

We are fanatical about our processes because a well-manufactured process means top quality and monitoring at all levels. Our experts are efficient through every stage of the project.

Our team can help you design, configure, implement, and test projects of any size.

Empower your freedom with these IT services:

  • Low-Voltage Data Cabling
  • Technology Architecture
  • Technology Installation Services
  • Deployment Services
  • Moving Services
  • More

IT Strategy

As leaders in IT for your business, you can depend on a team who can effectively strategize different services that can help streamline your processes and give you a greater return on investment.

Count on these elements of outsourced IT to help grow your business:

  • Dedicated CIO
  • Annual IT Health Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • IT Budgeting
  • IT Lifecycle Model Creation
  • IT Reporting
  • Service Review Meetings
  • Board Advisory Services
  • More

Foundational Infrastructure

Commonly compared to the heartbeat of your business and the foundation on which your company can grow, updated and secure IT infrastructure are necessary for success. Whether it’s protecting your business from malicious hackers and viruses or providing the digital real estate you need to keep your online presence up and running, a dependable IT infrastructure is necessary.

Technagy’s most popular elements of IT infrastructure:

  • Patch Management
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Malware
  • Anti-Spam
  • Automated Maintenance
  • Monitoring Configuration
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Cloud Management
  • Server Support
  • More

Turnkey Support

In addition to these services listed, Technagy can be your IT helpdesk, a leading voice about the industry, a proactive team, and a company who offers the necessary services you need to keep your business afloat. We utilize these four elements of our company to provide clients truly outsourced IT services from a local, dependable company in DFW.

Businesses of all sizes can count on Technagy for:

  • Dedicated Network Administration
  • IT Standardization
  • Best Practice Implementation
  • Technology Lifecycle Management
  • Network Management
  • Data Management
  • Server Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • More

Connect With Technagy Today!

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